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Web & Email Design

If you need a website for personal or business reasons, I’m the ideal person to craft one that is sleek and tailored to your needs. I’m also able to obtain and set up a custom e-mail inbox and address so you’re no longer reliant on web-based services.

IT Support

When you’re having problems with software or hardware, people often resort to using expensive, unreliable services. I can help – whether you need advanced repairs on your computer or simply some advice on how to use your technology.

Video Shooting & Editing

As someone with experience making a variety of videos – be it trailers, tutorials, short films, adverts and more, I’ll be able to work with you to script, shoot and edit a high quality, professionally edited video.

About ME

I'm Sacha Lachin, a 16 year old who is the ideal person to assist you with your technology or internet related needs. When I'm not editing or shooting photographs and short videos, I am usually occupied rowing or practising as a Grade 8 pianist. I am also the Director of Project Hermes, a mission to launch a near-space balloon that was successfully launched and recovered during August 2015. This website is a collection of some of my work and information on services that I offer. All photographs used on this site are my own.

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